Frequently Asked Questions


I have no experience flying drones. Can I still sign up for a DJI Academy course?

Yes. All of the courses provided by DJI Academy include both theory and practice and are suitable for students of any skill level.

Do I need to bring my own drone to class?

No. We will provide drones for training.

If I purchase a DJI drone, do I get to take free courses?

No. The course provided by DJI Academy is comprehensive training for UAS industrial application.

I use non-DJI drones for work or other purposes. If I take courses that use DJI drones for training, will these skills still apply?

Yes. Generally speaking, operational principles for most multi-rotor systems are similar.

What are the requirements for registration?

Students must be at least 16 years of age, and be without any medical conditions that could affect flight safety such as red-green color blindness.

I am too busy to take a course at the training centre. Are these courses available online?

Sorry, we do not provide any online courses yet.

How can I pay for DJI Academy (UTC) courses? Are there any online payment options?

Yes. Please sign up on our website or contact us for payment purpose.


What kind of certificate will I obtain after passing an exam?

After passing exams, students will receive a DJI Academy (UTC) Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate. Certificate type will vary depending on the specific course(s) taken and drone model(s) used during training.

Is the DJI Academy (UTC) Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate also valid in other countries?

Yes. We are currently in the process of opening more training centers around the world and building an international vocational skill certification system similar to those of Microsoft and Cisco.

If I obtain a DJI Academy (UTC) certificate, does it mean that I am a legal UAV pilot in every country?

Regulations can vary depending on country or region. Pilots in some countries need to be licensed before operating UAVs. The holder of a UTC certificate is qualified in terms of practical skills and flight safety, but if you want to fly a drone legally, you should check and abide by all local rules and regulations.

Do DJI Academy (UTC) certificates have a validity period?

Yes. DJI Academy (UTC) Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificates are valid for two years. When your certificate is about to expire, UTC will assess technology advancements along with any changes in laws and regulations and decide if you should be retrained or take updated exams to renew your certificate. If only an exam is required, students just need to pay related fees and pass the exam to renew.

What should I do if I fail the exam?

The exam consists of a written test and a flight test. Failing either will require a make-up exam. Students can take make-up exams immediately after failing. Make-up exams will be arranged after the normal exams of the day or postponed to be taken along with other students. A student cannot fail the exam more than two times; otherwise, the student will have to sign up for the course and pay tuition again.


How long do I need to wait before receiving my certificate?

It will take approximately 15 working days to receive your certificate after successfully passing the exam. Your certificate, along with others, will be shipped from DJI Academy (UTC) headquarters to us before we ships it to you.

What does the tuition cover?

The tuition for each course covers textbook fees, training fees, exam fees, and expenses for making certificates after students successfully pass the exam.

How can I re-apply for a certificate if I lose mine?

If your certificate is lost, contact the campus from which you graduated, then submit the required materials for re-application.

How do I renew my certificate after it expires? Do I need to pay extra fees?

Please send your request for certificate renewal three months before the expiration date. We will only charge a small fee to reprint the certificate.

What is the pass rate of DJI Academy (UTC) exams?

For all UTC exams, the pass rate is near 90%. Students who fail the exam will have two chances to try again by paying a small additional fee each time.

How much do I need to pay for accommodations?

This depends on where you stay. We do not cover for it.

I signed up for a course but I haven’t been able to take it. When will the registration expire?

You must finish the course within three months of registration.

8. What’s the relationship between DJI Academy Malaysia and DJI Academy headquarters? Do staff at DJI Academy Malaysia work for DJI Academy headquarters?

DJI Academy authorizes DJI Academy Malaysia to conduct courses, and every instructor must be trained at DJI Academy headquarters before teaching at the training center.


How can I renew my certification?

Follow the procedures as explained below.

Step 1: Apply for certification renewal.

There are two ways:

  1. Visit us with your old certification and apply for the certification renewal in person.
  2. Send an email to us with two photos; one of the previous certification, and the other of you holding your certification card. Please make sure the information on the two photos is clear without any obstruction.

Step 2: Verify the information.

After the application, we will check the certification information with you and help you with payment afterward.

Step 3: Settle the payment.

Please follow the instructions and settle the payment on time.

Step 4: Reissue the new certification.

After the payment, DJI Academy (UTC) HQ will start to issue the new certification. When the certifications are ready, DJI Academy (UTC) HQ will ship them to us. We will ship the certification to you afterward, or you can pick it up in person. Normally, it takes 20 working days to issue a card. You can contact us to check the status.

Do I need to take the exam before applying for certification renewal?

No, currently, there’s no additional exam. You can directly contact us and submit your application.

I have no time to go to the training center to apply for certification renewal in person. Is there any way to submit the application online?

If you have no time to apply in person, you can send an email to us and submit your application. Please attach two photos; one of the previous certification, and the other of you holding your certification card. Please make sure the information on the two photos is clear without any obstruction.

How long does it take to renew my certification?

Normally, it takes 20 working days to issue a card. To avoid impacting regular use, please contact us to apply for certification renewal in time.

How do I know when my certification will expire? What kind of certification should be renewed?

Currently, only the UTC certification card needs to be renewed regularly. There is no need to renew the certification paper. You can check the date of expiration on your certification card.

How can I receive my certification after submitting the certification renewal application?

After you settle the payment, the we will submit your application to DJI Academy (UTC) HQ. HQ will issue the card as soon as possible. When the certification is ready, HQ will ship them to the us. We will then ship the certification to you, or you can pick up your certification in person.

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