Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency-BASIC

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RCoC-B (Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency-BASIC)

This CAAM certificate is introduced to ensure that before any drone takes off into the air, the remote pilot that oversees the drone understands the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying these drones. The syllabus has gone through a series of checks and development by some of the most experienced pilots in Malaysia.

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With both theory and practical knowledge of drones, you are able to fly safer, reducing the chances of unfortunate incidents that might lead to expensive repairs. You will have the knowledge to take better care of your drones.


This RCoC-B program is in collaboration with SG Academy, we have standalone courses and the combination of RCoC-B & DJI courses.

For any RCoC-B courses, we will need to wait for approval after collecting the RM600 registration fee. The remaining amount will be charged accordingly in the invoice given by our sales team.

[RCoC-B only] RM3999 + RM600

[RCoC-B + DJI UPT] RM5999 + RM600

[RCoC-B + DJI UI] RM6999 + RM600


What is RPTO?

It stands for Approved Remote Pilot Training Organization. The CAAM approves RPTO to assess the competence of remote pilots against a specific set of requirements and to supply reports to CAAM for the issuance of the certificate.

What is RCoC-B?

CAAM – Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency. Attending the RCoC – B earns you a Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency in the course category that you have completed.

Is RCoC-B a license?

It is NOT a license. RCoC-B is a certificate for drone pilots. The syllabus is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia, trainees that attend this course are going to get most of the knowledge related to drones.

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