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The course was developed for corporations who plan to build up a pilot team and individuals that can achieve the best possibilities for drone applications. Through online learning and on-site, hands-on flight training, trainees will acquire the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to become a professional pilot. This includes an overview of DJI’s latest UAS solutions, flight operation, mission workflow, flight safety knowledge, maintenance operations, and more.

UAS Pilot Online Learning Training offered by Drone Academy


UAS Pilot Online Learning Training

The online lesson include an overview of the DJI commercial UAS ecosystem, the latest drone technology, the DJI Pilot app, general flight safety knowledge and maintenance operations.

On-site Flight Training

On-site training for DJI’s latest drone platform includes a live demonstration, comprehensive flight operations (designated manoeuvres, FPV flight and inspection mission), equipment maintenance, and reacting to emergency situations.


All trainees will be required to undergo a standard test after the training course, consisting of a theory exam and practical test. A DJI UTC certificate will be issued to those who pass the test, as a recognition of UAS application competence.


  1. After registering for this UAS pilot training course, the campus you selected will contact you to confirm your registration and guide you through the steps to pay for the UAS pilot training course. You can also contact the campus through the contact information listed.
  2. Once you have paid for the UAS pilot training course, you can start the training.
  3. This UAS pilot training course includes theory and practical content. Once paid for, returns and refunds are not accepted.
  4. Once you have completed onsite training, passed the final theory exam, and passed the practice test, you will be presented with a UTC certificate.


I have no experience flying drones. Can I still do the UAS Pilot Training course?

Absolutely yes. As the leading drone training Malaysia, all of the courses as well as UAS pilot training provided by DJI Academy, include both theory and practice and are suitable for students of any skill level.

What is the meaning of UAV?

From our perspective, UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and it means those within the industry prefer the use of this term over “drone” due to the basic fact that “drone” is a term utilized by the general consumer and/or military.

What is the difference between UAS and UAV?

UAS is also known as Unmanned Aerial System, which is the entire package needed to operate the system, which includes the UAV itself, while UAV is the actual aircraft that flies around to collect the required data and imagery.

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