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What is HRD Corp?

(Human Resources Development Corporation)

The Human Resources Development Corporation (HRD Corp) is responsible for driving Malaysia’s talent development aspirations through the collection of levy from employers and the funding of training and development programmes for the Malaysian workforce. The fund was established to develop quality human capital and world-class workforce in order for Malaysia to achieve a high-income economy based on knowledge and innovation.

What is HRD Levy?

HRD Levy is a mandatory levy payment imposed by the Malaysian Government on specified groups of employers for the purpose of employee training and skills upgrading. Employers are liable to pay a Human Resources Development levy for each working employee at the rate of 1.0% of the monthly wages of the employee.

Training Grant Eligibility

Employers who have registered with PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad) and pay the HRD levy are eligible to apply for training grants or financial assistance for employees who are Malaysian Citizens. The training applied for must directly benefit their business operations.

Application Process

Application for HRD Corp Training Grant is done through the e-TRiS system which is accessible by your Human Resource Department or Person-in-charge.

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